The Mind-Body-Emotion Triptych is the most dynamic way of observing our own psychology and learning about our true self.


Integrative therapy employs self-awareness expression techniques as the main tools for exploring our Triptych. Along with cognitive psychotherapy, they compose the basis of treatment.


Humans are all different. This is why we offer different types of therapy, to best support you in achieving your own unique therapy goals.


Individual therapy sessions for one-on-one counselling.


Group therapy sessions because teamwork makes the dream work.


Online therapy sessions, for assistance no matter the distance.


Learn more about the experiential seminars and workshops we offer

Expressing my psychology through music. Evi Syrou and Sofia Kamagianni in a unique experiential seminar.

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With the help of Autogenic Training relaxation technique, we can curb our anxious thoughts and negative moods in everyday life and find security in our body.

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In this seminar we explore new and creative ways to express and depict the various truths and lies that our Mind, Body and Emotion tell us about love and how we experience it. 

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An approach that helps to understand the real learning difficulties of the child at depth, and how we can separate them from dyslexia.

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How to control our body so that from an early age we can react more effectively to stress.

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We apologise, but this workshop is only available in Greek at the moment.

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