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We choose music depending on our emotional state. And yet, the music also chooses us, because it seems to match our psychology. Some pieces of music express us for years and, when we listen to them, they function as a volcano of optimism or mobilization. Still, others immerse us into deep thought or painful memories. Music, as a part of our life, brings with it our whole past, without asking why and how of situations. It does so simply by traveling from the outside to our inner world.

How can we take advantage of this permanent relationship with music in our lives? Can we find a way to "read" music as our psychological footprint? And if so, what does this music reveal about our emotional world?

Evi Syrou through psychology and Sofia Kamagianni through music invite you to an alternative seminar that combines the power of music with the power of psychology and reveals an alternative way of self-diagnosis. 

Objectives of the seminar:
At this experiential seminar you will come with your favorite music (3 music tracks) and you will leave:
• having in your hands a symbolic score that you will have created and that reflects your psychology on the day of the seminar, and therefore the needs that were projected at that moment in your life.
• having been exposed to a unique way of self-diagnosing your psychology whenever you wish, thus leading to self-improvement according to your needs and expectations.

Seminar structure

Part 1: The music outside me
In the first part, through exercises and actions of sensitization, self-concentration and breathing, we learn the three languages ​​of the Mind-Body-Emotion Triptych. We end up with a unique self-analysis, through the three (3) pieces of music that we have brought with us, which become the pathways to our self-knowledge, that reveal and/or open up our path to healing. This method can then be applied individually and become a permanent self-cognitive process at any psychological moment.

Part 2: The music within me
In the second part, through exercises and actions, we are trained to read, write, improvise and reproduce musical sounds outside of classical music writing. With automatic writing (stream of consciousness), we end up composing the "music of ourselves" at that given moment, using musical instruments and/or speech. The "score" of our musical composition reflects the psychology of that day and leads us beyond its therapeutic expression, towards a clear picture of the intercommunication of our Triptych at that moment in our lives.

Part 3: The psychological concert
Group composition of music from within us. We all become parts of a collective music composition—from our own music to a sense of a whole that exists with us and enters into a flow with everyone, just like our sense of belonging to any social whole.

The seminar is addressed to:
• those who are in the mood to play with music and capture their emotional identity in a new way
• those who want to listen to music and can sometimes "read" their psychology
• those who systematically listen to a piece of music to recall the feeling of a specific moment (they will learn what it finally means)
• people who are already undergoing psychotherapy (this self-diagnosis technique adds to their self-knowledge)
• specialists, such as musicians, educators, actors, dancers, teachers, psychologists (they will learn techniques to improve their team and themselves)
• all those who have difficult liberating themselves, either verbally or physically (they will learn the key to opening up their expressiveness)

Related information:
• Bring with you three (3) pieces of music, either on CD or a USB stick, regardless of the language. If you choose only orchestral music, be sure to bring the titles. If you choose songs with vocals, bring the lyrics with you, regardless of the language, as long as you understand it.
• Musical knowledge is not required.
• All musical instruments for improvisation are provided by Sofia Kamagianni. However, if you are working on a personal musical instrument, it would be interesting for you to bring it.

• Certificates of participation are given
• Seminar material is given
• Bring comfortable clothes & socks with you

To arrange this seminar in English, please get in touch via our Contact Page.


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