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Evy Syrou Biography

Evy Syrou was born in Athens and raised in Chania, Crete.

She is a Psychology graduate from the American College of Greece (Deree College) and continued her studies in France, where she attained: her Licence (Bachelor), her Maitrise (Master) in Social Psychology of Intercultural Relations and her D.E.A. (Diplôme d'études Approfondies Dimensions Cognitives et Modelisation) from the Université Lumière Lyon 2
From the start of her academic career, she has followed her main interest in research, studying the interaction between cognitive and emotional processes on a master’s level in Lyon, using the Triptych: Mind-Body-Emotion. More specifically, she applied the theory of Emotional Intelligence to groups of psychoanalysts and artists, researching the various effects the body has on psychological analysis and expression. She then led the study in a more profound direction at a doctorate level.
Receiving a scholarship from the Université Lumière Lyon 2 and, in cooperation with the Laboratory LEACM at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), she continued her research in a more systematic way, studying the effects of social rhythm on the development of Emotional Intelligence. She worked with Daniel Goleman and HAY GROUP of Boston and Athens, where she conducted the majority of her research.

Evy Syrou received her professional licence and title as psychologist from the Université Lumière Lyon 2.

Parallel to her studies, she specialised in the French method of diagnosis and therapy Photolangage® (method based on photography), Drama Therapy (method based on acting), Autogenic Training (method based on the conscious control of breathing and muscle relaxation), and Learning Difficulties (a cognitive model of diagnosis and therapy based on Piaget).

She has worked with Antonio Damasio, at annual conferences in Lyon, themed “Emotion-Cognition”. For five years, she taught the specialised expression programme “Global Assimilation” using role playing at the University of Saint-Étienne. As a member of AFCEA, she has participated in NATO conferences in London and Heidelberg, with the aim of promoting the humanitarian factor across international security structures and institutions.  

Since 2004, Evy Syrou has worked in Greece as a Cognitive Psychologist, with face-to-face and group therapy sessions, where she combines different psychological models in order to holistically redefine and activate the Triptych: Mind-Body-Emotion. In this way, she has created an Integrative Approach, which she applies systematically in her sessions, including Photolangage®, Drama Therapy, Autogenic Training and Art Therapy

She also organises educational and therapeutic seminars, and writes articles for both the Greek and French press. Alongside her psychology studies, Evi Syrou has participated in theatre workshops at the American College of Greece, at the Municipality of Rendis, and at Acting How?, taking part in three performances. She has done Contemporary Dance at the Université Lumière Lyon 2, Dance Expression, Body Theatre and Improvisation with Atropos dance group, and seven years of Capoeira.

Since 2010, she has been passionate about sailing racing and underwater photography.


Conferences & Lectures

Participation and lectures in Athens, Greece and abroad

Athens 2019 - Photo exhibition

Organizer: Municipality of Athens - Theotokopoulou Residence. Photo exhibition titled "Soul in flux - Αnima fluit & research dimensions"

Lecture titled: "The psychology of photography"

Athens 2013 - The American College of Greece - Deree

Organizer: The American College of Greece - Deree - Psychology Week 2013

Lecture as part of Psychology Week titled: “Autogenic Training. More than a stress management technique. The basis of understanding the Mind-Body-Emotion Triptych approach in diagnosis and therapy”

Athens 2012 - ZEON

Organizer: ZEON

Participation in the research PUBLIC SPACE: "What pleases you or bothers you the most when you move daily in the public space of your city". Psychological analysis of photographic material.


Organizer: AFCEA Europe, under the auspices of State Secretary Rüdiger Wolf, Federal Ministry of Defence, Berlin, 19-21 October 2011, Kongresshaus Stadthalle Heidelberg, Germany
Lecture titled: "How far is emotional intelligence from intelligent decision making? Virtual reality & effects on human behavior"

London 2010 - AFCEA Europe Student Conference

Organizer: 3rd AFCEA Europe Student Conference, Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, Westminster, London, October 26, 2010 - "People, Projects and Perceptions - Even thinking is participation!"
Lecture titled: “Time perception of mind, body and emotion in the information era. How technological rhythm influences emotional intelligence.”

Chania 2011 - Mavromataki Educational Institution

Organizer: Mavromataki Educational Institution

Experiential psychology workshop: Stress Management

Patra 2011 - Anatasi Multispace

Organizer: Evy Syrou & Sofia Kamagianni

Experiential psychology workshop: Music therapy as a new method for self-diagnosis. Music creation, personal composition & psychological analysis of the Triptych using music 

Athens 2010 - Alternative Therapies Exhibition

Organizer: Ecolife

Athens Municipality Technopolis, 27-30 May 2010. Three day participation in the Alternative Therapies Exhibition and lecture titled: "Emotional Intelligence as a therapy goal"

Athens 2010 - Climax Plus Internet Radio

Organizer: Climax Plus Internet Radio

Radio marathon for mental health.

Lecture titled: "The right to sexual life for people with disabilities."

Nicosia 2010 - The Cyprus Association of Special Educators

Organizer - Partner: The Cyprus Association of Special Educators 
Two lectures for special educators and parents of people with disabilities, titled: "The right to sexual life for people with disabilities. Social & Pedagogical Extension."


Mykonos 2010 - Two-day Experiential Workshop

Organizer-Partner: Andiana Geronti, ΚΕ.ΘΕ.ΣΥ Centre
Centre for Therapy Counselling for Children and Adults. Two-day experiential psychology workshop: "Eating & Food Disorders"

Lake Plastira 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 - Experiential Workshops

Organizer: Evy Syrou. Partner: Dimitris Charalambidis, archery trainer and coordinator for Lake Plastira activities.

TAVROPOS Centre for Information & Activities  
Three-day experiential psychology workshops titled:
1. "Emotional Intelligence: How to identify it & set it into motion" 
2. "Psychokinetics & Representation of Erotic Desire"

Representation of the Mind-Body-Emotion Triptych using Drama Therapy, Photolangage, Dance Therapy, Creative Writing, Art Therapy (drawing and painting) in a natural environment. Activities using hydropods-catamarans, swimming, mud therapy and archery.

Athens 2009 - Panarmonio Conservatory

Organizer-Partner: Nina Kaloutsa, Soprano - The Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory
Experiential psychology workshop: "Music Therapy: How we use music for emotional expression" 

Athens 2007, 2008, 2009 - Zorbali Foreign Language School

Organizer: Evy Syrou. Partner: Zoe Zorbali, English teacher and Director of Studies 

Lectures for educators and parents, titled: 

"Learning Difficulties or Dyslexia?" and "How to deal with difficult students" 

Salonica 2008 - Creative Pedagogy Group

Organizer: Evy Syrou Partner: Rodoula Gouliaberi, Physical Education teacher, specializing in the Somato-psychopedagogy technique Dani Bois.
Creative Pedagogy Group "Raft in the City". Experiential psychology workshop: "Psychokinetis & Representation of Erotic Desire" using Drama Therapy, Photolangage, Dance Therapy, Creative Writing and Art Therapy (drawing and painting) 

Ioannina 2007-2008 - Centre for Development

Organizer: Evy Syrou Partner: Yiannis Pappas, Psychiatrist 
Experiential psychology seminars:
1. "StressManagement using the technique AutogenicTraining"
2. "Stereotype Management"

Ioannina 2009 - Yoga Centre

Organizer: Evy Syrou Partner: Aurilia, yoga instructor
Experiential psychology workshops:
1. "Stress Management using the technique Autogenic Training"
2. "Psychokinetics of Erotic Desire"

Chania 2007 - Mavromataki Educational Institution

Organizers: Chania Municipality & Mavromataki Educational Institution
Lecture with Dr. Stavro Stavrou, Professor at the University of Ioannina and researcher in Learning Diffuclties, titled: "Learning Difficulties or Dyslexia?"

Salonica 2007 - Iris Dance School

Organizer: Evy Syrou Partner: Avgi Progidi, dance instructor and Head of the Dance School of the Municipality of Stavroupoli
Weekly training titled: "Stress Management using the technique Autogenic Training & emotional decoding of body language using movement"

Athens 2006 -  Hellenic Theatre, Drama & Education Network

Organizer: Hellenic Theatre, Drama & Education Network

Lecture titled: "Dynamic interaction of the Mind and Body. Searching for the unsaid"

Faliro 2005-2007 - Centre for Theatrical Expression & Personal Development ATROPOS

Organizer: Evy Syrou

Experiential psychology workshops:

"Fear Management"
"Anger Management"
"Stress Management"
"Stereotype and Self-Image Management"
"Learning Difficulties"
"Eating & Food Disorders" 
"Emotional Intelligence"


Articles and interviews

Greek press

To Vima
Adesmeftos Typos
Life & Health
​​​​​​​Minoan Lines magazine

France press



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