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Autogenic Training


The Autogenic Training technique teaches us to relax and control the harmful results of our psychosomatic symptoms, without the need for a therapist. Long term, it has been proven to intervene in our independent nervous system, activating our immune capacity.


The more we practice this technique, the more we teach our body to operate consume the lowest possible amount of energy. This way, we can easily detect tension and learn to gradually regain our bodily balance in times of stress, anger, panic, fear, pain, or social exposure. We can harness the anxious thoughts and negative emotions of our daily life, by finding security in our own Body.


Total Body Relaxation is the height of our balanced Mind-Body-Emotion Triptych. It shows us with precision the parts of our body that have been burdened by our daily habits. It releases the Mind from the Body and creates a unique sense of self, as if we have a complete and liberated perception, inside a body as relaxed as if in a state of sleep


The J.H. Schultz technique is widely used across Europe. In many European countries, it has been established as a necessary technique for handling pain and breathing in postoperative patients. It has immediate results in the management of psychosomatic stress and is a new prism through which each of us can control our Triptych at any given time, whenever needed throughout one’s life.


This training-therapy includes: 

perception exercises of body weight and tension

special balance exercises and body expression using pilates balls

relaxation, balance and imbalance exercises

alignment exercises across a vertical and horizontal axis

breathing exercises

total body relaxation in a horizontal position


Autogenic Training can be used to treat a number of different psychological issues, such as:

stress management

pain control

panic attack control

creative expression

public speaking

assertiveness and decision making

fear management


Total Body Relaxation is one of the most important self-concentration techniques. It brings us back to the present as we become one with our breathing. At that point, the Mind-Body-Emotion Triptych has a revelatory, diagnostic and therapeutic potential.


The Autogenic Training technique is part of the integrative therapy approach of the Triptych, and is used on a case-by-case basis during one-on-one sessions, group therapy sessions and seminars. Each technique aims at a different expression of the language of our Mind, Body and Emotion. This has proven to be the most powerful therapeutic approach, as none of the elemnts of our Triptych remain unexplored on the healing journey.


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