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The Three Elements

What sets humans apart from the rest of our animal kingdom is the Mind. Throughout history, our biological evolution has created the conditions for our multidimensional thinking, something that today is reflected in the greatness of the culture around us. What humans have created is the result of the application of their minds, sometimes with the aim of survival and other times with the aim of improving the conditions of their life.
But why, along with its grandeur, does the human mind today also bring along destructive ideas against the environment and humanity itself? Why is the information society that we’ve created filling the human body with new psychosomatic illnesses and autoimmune diseases? Why are people increasingly driven to mental disorders, especially in modern urban centers?
The answers are hidden in the holistic study of humans; that is, in our threefold dimension of Mind-Body-Emotion. It shows how, historically, the mind may have suppressed the body and the emotion, leading to disharmony.
If we manage to see ourselves as three different characters and not as just one, if we learn the differences of these characters within us, we will gradually develop a new self-cognitive ability of understanding ourselves. Thus, we will be able to discern on a personal and collective level the points that burden our mind, body or emotion, to explain why specific things happen to us today, and to predict possible scenarios of our future life.

  • MIND
  • BODY


What is the language of our Mind? What is its character?

"I speak in words and images. Infinite words and images are stirred inside me, non-stop. I analyze, I dissolve, I structure and deconstruct worlds, I dream and I imagine. When I look like mathematics, they call me logic. When I seem to fit nowhere, they call me creativity or imagination. I never stop! I am constantly coming and going at the speed of light to both the past and to the future. I am unable to remain in the present, I would say that the present eludes me. I find it difficult to concentrate, but when I do I am very productive! Only during sleep do I stop and rest. I sometimes create dreams, so as not to be forgotten! I accumulate everything in my memory, there is nothing I can erase."



What is the language of our body? What is its character?

"I speak to all my operating systems and to all five of my senses. But... they do not always listen to me. This is my complaint. It is easy for me to talk with pain. The harsher the messages I send, the more they understand me. It seems strange to me that they do not recognize my joy and balance. Maybe because I live mainly in the present. I can travel neither to the past nor the future. I am happy with simple things and I endure a lot of the whims of the Mind and of Emotion. But I collapse abruptly if I am neglected for a long time. Then I scream and they call me psychosomatic."



What is the language of our Emotion? What is its character?

"I speak the most incomprehensible language! I basically do not have my own language, I borrow the voice of the Mind or the Body. The Body enables me to speak with action. The Mind offers me minimal words and images to describe me. Fortunately, I have all the symbolism of art to help me, sometimes, to even express myself. Without art, I would be speechless. Who truly understands me? I am often a riddle. I'm probably the mystery everyone is looking for, but no one knows how to find me. I am born very spontaneously, but growing up I am drowned by the Mind and then… I take it out on the Body! It takes me a long time to stabilize when something fills me and becomes pure inside me, a motivation or a disincentive for life. But, if I am born, then it takes a long time for me to die, or rather I never die. I transform from one emotion to another and I change the world… "


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